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About project
A client was looking to develop an educational platform that would allow replacing an outdated education system with a modern and relevant one.

Now is the time for interactive learning, which activates natural curiosity, and supports children's confidence in their abilities and success.

The purpose of the project was to create a space where the learning process takes place according to the children's scenario , and the results exceed the parents' expectations.
is a niche product designed to cover the following basic needs:
establish the interaction of teachers, parents and children in the context of the effective educational process;
provide an opportunity to educate children of preschool and school age while playing.
The key point is that the platform should provide both individual and group learning, where the teacher can create interactive tasks and, together with parents, track the progress and achievements of pupils.

Also, for effective mastering the material, it was important for our client to take into account the current standards of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the international Commom Core standards that were successfully implemented in the United States.
Work scope
Requirements analysis
Data collection, processing of the received information and conducting product feasibility study
Creation of the project architecture and studying all its elements in small details
Software development using the necessary technologies
Software quality assessment in order to identify and eliminate defects
Software preparation and its release on the market
Subsequent software product updates and support
Results: |
The admin panel is an important element of the Learning.ua educational platform, which supports 2 main roles:
  • super administrator with unlimited rights
  • custom user who receives rights from a super administrator to create and edit tasks in certain categories, to manage news and blog
A flexible access control system allows assigning rights for moderators of the platform, as well as teachers, who can create tasks and track pupil performance.

A distinctive feature of the administrative panel is a universal and easily customizable editor, which makes adding tasks for subjects and olympiads convenient and simple.
Currently on the platform:
81 070
8 427
15 761 167
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