Innovative weight control

Accessible accountability
Weight controller synchronization with video surveillance
Electronic data recording with weight controller, human factor exclusion
1C integration with SAP
The company for the processing of scrap metal with an extensive network of metal depots "Promindustriya" contacted us with the goal of developing a system for collecting and recording data in the workplace in order to receive up-to-date warehouse information on a daily basis.

The customer voiced the existing problems at the enterprise:

  • Annually, up to 10% of the company's losses are due to metal blockage.

  • The company used outdated accounting methods: records were entered into the data logs manually.

  • The problem with controlling the amount of scrap at the stages of procurement, logistics and storage.

  • Clients tried their best to trick the scales and bribe staff.

Together with our client, we determined the ultimate goal of the developed system - the automation of all processes, minimizing the influence of the human factor and the creation of operational reports for company management.

To identify hot spots, we analyzed the company's business processes and proposed a solution - to develop an automated system using an IoT device and a mobile application for TOP managers, in which reporting should be displayed.

IoT devices collect, store, process and transmit information over such protocols as networks, such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 4G, NB-IWT, LoRaWAN. They are not tied to the wired Internet, they can work autonomously and combine into one network, and also do not require system administration.

Create the data analysis system
Systematize the actual information about metal in stock
Systematize and structure moving metal in the stock of spare parts
Create a mobile application for top managers
Develop the license plate reading algorithm
Control logistics operations
As a development methodology, we used SCRUM. As a result, we received a clear structuring of the project and its phased implementation and deployment. This approach simplified the adaptation of staff.
Node.js, Typescript,, Python
PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ
Vue, Vuex, Vuetify
Research on the specifics of processing enterprises
Development of software solutions for accounting and automation
Development of a mobile application to display reporting on processes in the enterprise
The developed system includes the following functionalities:
  • weighing log, fixing manual weighings
  • car database, car registration by barcode or card
  • determination of the direction of weighing (import-export)
  • print TTN
  • fixing routes in the system
  • control weighing from a phone, tablet, computer via WiFi
  • admin account
  • receiving photos from weight cameras
  • integration with any programs

The flexibility of this system also provides opportunities for expansion:
  • connection of number recognition systems
  • connection of positioning sensors
  • control of traffic lights and barriers
  • data analytics
  • checking weights by tare of own cars
The installed IoT device allows weighing from a tablet or employee's phone.

A mobile application for TOP managers has been developed, which provides quick access to reports.

The iSK device from iSKY.SOLUTIONS was developed based on foreign experience and taking into account the analytics of modern trends. It provides equipment autonomy, security of the accounting system, storage and access to data history, as well as:

• does not require a separate computer
• size 10x10x5 cm
• can connect to any information exchange program
• able to synchronize information with the cloud
• generates reports in a mobile application and even on a Smart watch
• works with all types of weight processors
• configured and serviced remotely
• has the function of monitoring equipment and sending alarm messages Telegram
• able to work with all digital cameras
• can work in a car or combine harvester with 12V batteries
• can transfer data directly through 4G or NB-IoT over an encrypted channel
• signals if one of the devices has stopped working


    • Full automation of accounting data and optimization processes by 60%;

    • The system automatically analyzes data from reports and notes deviations from established standards;

    • Real-time data acquisition throughout the system. Current statistics can be checked at any time;

    • Completely excluded cases of fraud with cars on a weight, thanks to the recognition of numbers;

    • Could control the performance of the scales and determine their breakdown in automatic mode;

    • All the data of the Promindustry enterprise became protected by storage on a remote server.

    We knew that the adaptation of personnel is the main stumbling block in introducing innovations at the enterprise. Therefore, the implementation was carried out gradually with a clear demonstration of the results to the staff.

    Project with iSKY.SOLUTIONS?

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    Project with iSKY.SOLUTIONS?

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