Business automation systems development

We create individual solutions that allow you to optimize and control your business tasks.
IT Partner you can trust
We use modern web and mobile technologies to create effective solutions for you
Agile methodologies
Requirements update when it is necessary and implementing them through a self-organized team formed from the experts you need
Deep expertise
We use the most suitable technologies in development to provide you the effective operation of software solution
Regular reports
Working with us, you will be informed about each step through the implementation of the project.
From idea to the real value
Fast scaling
When your business grows, you are faced with human resources effectiveness limitation. The number of clients requests is increasing, but you do not have time to process them. By automating your business processes, we will help you to reduce costs and increase profits.
Personal audit
8 years in the field of business automation allow us to identify a problem at almost
first glance and propose the right solution. Analyzing metrics and indicators our business analysts will determine how to optimize your processes.
Efficient time usage
You can always choose the payment model most suitable for you: hourly pay or a fixed cost for the work performed. You will have access to data concerning man-hours spent and mutual settlements at each stage of the work.
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Taxi fleet management system
A unified system which allows to pass a car from one driver to another anywhere in the city, record the condition of the car, control the driver's driving style, calculate payments for drivers and investors.
Save taxi fleet managers' time up to 30%
Pass car through the mobile application without manager's participation
Taxi fleet growth annually by 70 cars
E-learning platform for children
Interactive tasks, interesting challenges, games, rewards and certificates for children. Ability to check homework and track progress for teachers and parents.
Learning when playing
Flexible assignments editor for teachers
Interactive audio books
Blockchain & Smart Contracts for UNICEF
Smart contacts provide decentralization
Work efficiency increase by 30%
Transparency thanks to blockchain
Innovative weight control system
Automated cargo weighing system for the enterprise, which allows monitoring and recording cargo flow, detect theft and minimize losses.
Human factor exclusion
Reports in mobile app and photo fixation
Integration with different systems
Information system for the collection and analysis of the higher education activities financial and statistical data
Saving time of work
from 1 day to 1 hour
Data from different systems at one place
We are trusted
We create complex and effective solutions for our customers.

Raushan Ibrasheva
Innovation Program Associate at UNICEF (Kazakhstan)
ISKY.SOLUTIONS team won a prize at the Blockchain Hackathon in Astana.
We trusted their experience, the guys developed a project to take into account our internal interactions and startups. I want to note strict adherence to the terms of the contract, despite the long process of requirements agreement between New York and Astana.
Now the service is launched in pilot mode and already saves about 30% of our managers' time.
Andrii Lytvynchuk
Previously, the Ministry of Education could not quickly generate university reports for analytics.
Thanks to the USAID UTEMA project, we, together with the iSKY.SOLUTIONS team, have developed an excellent report constructor. Now the staff of the Institute of Educational Analytics can quickly build almost any necessary report, which significantly saves working time from 1 day
up to 1 hour.
The company has proved its expertise and kept the promised timeline for the implementation of the system.
Andrew Semchenko
After a bad experience working with freelancers, we were already desperate to find a decent developer. By random recommendation, we turned to iSKY.SOLUTIONS without much hope, but were surprised by the approaches and deep understanding of our problem. The process was stormy :)) but now everything is behind, thanks to iSKY.SOLUTIONS we have a working website with a subscription system for our viewers around the world. iSKY.SOLUTIONS are professionals!
Timur Khudaibergenov
Guys from iSKY.SOLUTIONS offered developing a system for our processes, justifying its payback and even flew to us to stay in the office and to be inspired by the specifics of our business.
After 3 months we were already actively introducing the new system. Now about 60% of operational activities are performed by the ERP system, not to mention the fact that we have only 2 managers for the entire taxi fleet.
Having a good ERP system and a good contractor, we were able to survive the crisis by developing new options, for example, delivery.
Our talented employees and their deep expertise will become a valuable tool in the work on your project.
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