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Expertise in Action: Software Development Case Studies

From Concept to Reality


We have over a decade of experience in creating various types of applications, including control systems for medical cabs, ERP systems for fleet management and carsharing, supply chain tracking systems, and more. Our expertise in logistics is reflected in the successful development of over 50 integrations with various delivery companies, as well as the implementation of information systems for sea ports.
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Our founder Artem Ganja, a radio amateur, instilled the love for IoT in our team. He trained developers on hardware manipulation and data acquisition, leading us to create predictive equipment systems, parse sensor data, control taxis and carsharing vehicles, crack industrial weighing processor protocols, and even operate drones and smartwatches. If you need any advice, we're here to help. :)

Big data

Nowadays, IoT and big data are highly interconnected as data needs to be stored and analyzed in real-time. We have extensive experience in this area, having worked with the Ministry of Education to build a national educational data analytics system. Additionally, we utilize big data methodologies in our IoT and social media architecture projects.


We consider blockchain technology to be highly advantageous for security purposes. For instance, UNICEF approached us to create an ERP system that utilizes blockchain protection, which you can learn more about on our website. It is worth noting that we have since written numerous smart contracts and released several cryptocurrency coins.

Technical Audit

Our 8 years of experience in developing and deploying software solutions enable us to quickly identify potential technical issues and suggest the right solutions. By analyzing your codebase and infrastructure, our team of technical experts can pinpoint areas of improvement and offer strategies to optimize your application's performance, security, and scalability. Whether you're experiencing slow load times, frequent crashes, or other technical issues, we can help you ensure that your application is operating at peak efficiency.

Efficient usage time and budget

Are you tired of constantly exceeding project budgets and deadlines? With our efficient time usage approach, we offer flexible payment models to fit your needs. Choose between hourly pay or a fixed cost for the work performed. Say goodbye to hidden costs and unexpected delays and say hello to transparent and efficient project management.
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Our Case-studies


The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has been known for its remarkable humanitarian efforts to protect children's rights and promote their welfare globally. To achieve its objectives, UNICEF works with different stakeholders, including donors, contractors, and employees, to deliver various programs and projects that benefit children in need. However, UNICEF, like most organizations, faces challenges in managing its finances, tracking projects' progress, and ensuring transparency in transactions.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) platform

Our client is a well-established US-based company that has been providing medical taxi services for many years. They decided to take their business to the next level by creating a unique and highly automated platform that would bring together other transport providers in their segment. We were thrilled to work with a client who was determined to innovate and differentiate themselves from the giants in their industry.


A year ago, iSKY.SOLUTIONS was approached by Gion & Pacific Holdings Co Ltd, a prominent Japanese company operating in the field of trade. The client had a unique startup project idea but lacked expertise in the field. They turned to iSKY.SOLUTIONS for consulting and assistance.The project proposal took the form of a mobile application called iBusX. The primary objective behind iBusX was to provide a platform for creative individuals worldwide to showcase their work and connect with like-minded individuals during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Taxi Fleet Management System

Learn how our web and mobile application helped a taxi service provider automate and simplify their processes, resulting in significant cost savings


The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine approached us with a task to develop an information system that collects and analyzes financial and statistical data on the activities of higher education institutions.