Unique platform for NEMT services

How we created highly-customizable platform for non-emergency medical transportation services for US-based company

Understanding our Client: Why Us?

Our client is a well-established US-based company that has been providing medical taxi services for many years. They decided to take their business to the next level by creating a unique and highly automated platform that would bring together other transport providers in their segment. We were thrilled to work with a client who was determined to innovate and differentiate themselves from the giants in their industry.

This is a testament to their commitment to providing exceptional service and creating value for their customers.

What problems needed to be solved?

Our client approached us with a set of business problems that they wanted to solve. Firstly, they needed to create a platform for non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT), commonly known as medical taxi services.

Secondly, they wanted to simplify and automate the process of booking a vehicle for their clients. This would enable them to provide a better customer experience while reducing manual work for their employees.

Thirdly, they needed to simplify and automate the work of the transport provider to ensure seamless delivery of their services. Lastly, they wanted to generate reports that would help them track the platform's performance and make data-driven decisions for their business. We were excited to collaborate with our client and help them solve these business problems through our cutting-edge solutions.

What obstacles did we encounter?

However, several obstacles needed to be overcome. Firstly, a common platform for transport providers was lacking, which made it challenging to bring them all under one roof. Secondly, the specificity of medical taxi services presented a significant challenge. The platform needed to communicate with doctors, and the data exchanged had to adhere to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) that safeguards patient data. Furthermore, there were several unique features of the vehicles that transported patients that needed to be taken into account, among dozens of other nuances that had to be factored in. Nevertheless, we had confidence in our ability to help the company surmount these obstacles and create a platform that met all their needs while complying with industry standards and regulations.

What should the ideal solution look like?

The ideal solution should be a highly-customizable platform that allows clients to order medical taxi services with ease. It should provide options for clients to choose their preferred type of vehicle, medication requirements, and special instructions. Additionally, the platform should simplify and automate the process of booking a vehicle, taking into account the specific requirements of medical taxi services. This includes compliance with HIPAA regulations and consideration of the unique features of the vehicles used to transport patients. Finally, the platform should generate reports that help the client track the platform's performance and make informed business decisions.

What were the factors that led the client to choose us?

At iSKY.SOLUTIONS, we take pride in our ability to provide innovative and effective solutions to complex business challenges. Our team of experts has a deep understanding of the transportation industry, and we specialize in developing cutting-edge technology solutions that streamline logistics and improve customer experiences. With our extensive knowledge of the taxi service industry, we were well-equipped to tackle the challenges of the medical taxi project. Our experience gave us a unique perspective on the needs of medical taxi services and allowed us to develop a tailored solution that met our client's specific requirements.

What technologies have we chosen and why?

For the backend, we used PHP and Laravel, while the frontend was developed with SPA technology. These choices were made because they are currently popular technologies. SPA allows users to work with the system as if it were a full-fledged application launched in the browser, enabling data updates on the page without reloading. We integrated third-party services such as Google Maps, which provides fast and accurate maps for clients and determines their locations. We also incorporated the Stripe payment system, which simplified payment procedures for customers, enabled transactions between carriers and administrators, and made payment distribution easy.

Applied Technologies

Back-end: PHP and Laravel

Front-end: SPA

3rd party services: Google Maps, Stripe payment system

We tackled the project in several steps:

1. A registration process was created for transportation companies, enabling them to enter their fleet and service area information.

2. A client registration process was developed featuring preset trip options, which simplified the booking process.

3. A seamless booking process was established to facilitate communication between clients and transportation companies, including real-time tracking of vehicle location.

4. The Stripe payment system was integrated to provide clients with a quick and secure payment process, and to facilitate payment distribution between transportation companies and administrators.

5. A reporting system was implemented to track platform performance and provide statistics for analysis.


As a result of our efforts, we were able to create a comprehensive platform for medical transportation services in the United States. Within the first few months of launching, over 20 transportation companies had registered on the platform, with more than 50 clients also signing up to use the service. The platform facilitated over 100 successful trips during this period, demonstrating its effectiveness in meeting the needs of both clients and transportation providers.Note that the results mentioned above were at the time of writing this article and the figures continue to grow as more companies and clients join the platform.

In conclusion, the creation of a unified transportation platform for medical services in the United States has been a successful endeavor. With over 20 registered transportation companies and 50 clients within the first few months, the platform has facilitated more than 100 successful trips. As of the writing of this article, these numbers continue to grow.

What is the next step?

Our next steps involve improving the car ordering process, enhancing client-system interactions, and providing more detailed reporting parameters. We look forward to partnering with our client in the next funding round to continue advancing the platform.

If you have any questions or require consultation in the logistics area, our expert team is here to help and ensure that you avoid costly mistakes. Don't hesitate to connect with us, as we are eager to explore new opportunities and assist your business in any way we can.

Google maps

Real-time map that shows route for your ride

Stripe integration

Automated payments and payouts for you and your vendors

Flexible pricing settings

Vendors can setup their pricing how they need