Quality IT Solutions in 2024: Implementing Cutting-Edge Technologies in Video Surveillance and Vending

Today, we would like to share our plans for the year 2024, specifically focusing on the new directions that we are actively exploring.

Role of Metadata in AI-Powered Video Surveillance

Our iSKY.SOLUTIONS  team has recently delved into a fascinating topic. Thanks to the rapid development of AI, it is now actively utilized in video surveillance, ranging from residential complexes to industrial facilities involved in weighing vehicles. Examples include license plate recognition, identification of car brands, and recognition of individuals, their faces, emotions, and clothing.

As a result, these solutions are already emerging in the market and are being actively employed in various countries.

In our interactions with partners who manufacture similar systems, we've encountered the necessity to process metadata from surveillance cameras. In essence, when a camera recognizes an object, the result of this recognition is metadata containing information such as the vehicle's license plate number or make. The challenge arises in the subsequent processing of this data, as there is currently a situation where no comprehensive software exists for analyzing these metadata in various scenarios.

In response to this challenge, we are actively addressing the issue by developing software specifically designed for analyzing metadata obtained from video surveillance cameras. This represents one of the promising new directions our team is exploring.

Filling Technical Gaps in Vending Solutions

Also, we would like to share another interesting direction that we will be developing in 2024. In one of our recent projects, we explored vending and coffee machines. Surprisingly, we discovered a notable lack of comprehensive solutions for remotely managing these devices. The core issue stems from the persistent use of a specialized protocol that has seen neither updates nor optimizations over the years. And this is a promising field for implementing new technologies, which is exactly what we are focusing on today.

 In today's world, we've become accustomed to loyalty systems in mobile applications. Surprisingly, it turns out that almost worldwide, with rare exceptions, there is no system that allows connecting a loyalty program or a mobile app with a vending machine. Our specialists have found a solution, tested it, and now we have the capability to connect with vending machines, emulate devices, send them commands, and in the near future, we will be even more actively working on this direction.

In Conclusion

Our 2024 promises to be exciting. In addition to our core expertise, we will be expanding our knowledge and integrating modern technologies into ongoing projects. Our software development company understands the importance of delivering top-quality custom IT solutions. We recognize that for successful companies to remain competitive, they must receive custom development software that incorporates the latest technologies.In today's landscape of IT solutions for business, it is simply impossible to ignore the emergence of AI and other modern technologies. Therefore, we delve into these solutions and actively implement them, ensuring, of course, that it is beneficial for our partners. Fortunately, our years of experience enable us to determine which technological innovations make sense for specific business tasks and when a different approach is needed.

 If you require consultation on implementing specific solutions and optimizing your existing projects, our team of specialists is always ready to provide guidance and assistance. Feel free to reach out to us.