Automate sales
and customer service
with application

  • attract and retain new customers
  • reduce maintenance costs
  • and get more profit!
New opportunities
for your business
Convenient service for your customers
Now your customers can place an order directly from their phone, without speaking with the operator.

Placed an order in the application, there is also an order confirmation and information about delivery. Customers love convenience.

Reduction in customer service costs
The application will do some of the work of people. More customers, but new ones employees do not need to be hired.

This means that there are no expenses for search, training, motivation and control of their work.

You are on the customer's phone
Send push messages to customers about new products, services, discounts or promotions.

No costs for mailing services via SMS or e-mail. At the same time, the open rate is higher than in mailing lists.

Business in the application is cool!
In the 90s, businessmen boasted of a secretary with a model appearance or a cool jeep.

Now the tough guys are competing to see who has the best mobile app. for business.

What the app can do
  • Call a taxi, courier
  • Find your nearest outlet
  • Mailings to those who are close to the outlet

Ordering goods and services
  • Products and services from the catalog in the application
  • Bundling and Cost Calculators
  • Delivery notices
Convenient payment
  • Pay in advance and pick up without a queue
  • One-touch payment from your phone
  • Possibility to pay with bonuses

  • Manage devices and sensors in production
  • Read and monitor instrument readings
... but in general - whatever you want
in the application, you can take orders, search for goods and services, customer consultations, notifications and mailings, loyalty program, customer entertainment and education, reception and data transfer to your software (CRM, logistics, 1C). Tell us what you want and we'll show you how to do it using the application.

We make applications for different industries
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Advantages of a mobile application over:
call center operator
  • Serves more customers without hiring new ones employees
  • Manages orders centrally
  • Works faster, doesn't forget anything, doesn't confuse, doesn't removes
  • No smoke breaks, vacations, decrees and sick days
  • Always in a good mood, never being rude to customers
  • No costs for training, motivation, management, workplace equipment

Google tables
  • Process more data without manual work
  • Less errors - data loss, formula changes
  • Data management from in the admin panel
  • Integration with payment systems, chatbots, mailings, 1C, CRM, logistics, warehouse
  • Easier and more convenient for the client - Works without the Internet
  • Looks correct on any smartphone
  • Send notifications at any time
  • Convenient loyalty programs - points, bonuses, discounts
  • Convenient and beautiful catalogs of goods and services
  • Maps, geolocation, quick pay
  • Cost and order picking calculators
  • Notifications on the smartphone screen even without the Internet
4 good reasons
to order development from us
1. Application payback forecast
We do not just make an application, like most developers. Before starting development, we expect financial return from the application:

  • what tasks should the application perform
  • what cost reduction or sales increase will give Appendix
  • how much profit will increase after the launch of the application
  • when the investment in development will return

You see how and when investments will return to App.

2. Saving development costs
Our difference from other developers - first we do interactive prototype (drawing) of the application. It's fast and cheap imitation of the application. That's why it important:

You see your application before spending on development
You can press all the buttons, open all tabs and see how everything will work. This is means that you buy exactly what you need, no "cats in a poke".

You pay only for the functionality you need
You can show the prototype to your clients and ask them if how the application is convenient for them. According to customer reviews add what is missing and remove everything superfluous.

It's like a construction site - if one floor turned out to be superfluous, it's better remove it at the project stage than after the delivery of the house.

Development without overpayments
The prototype reduces the cost of development. According to the approved prototype, we estimate the cost of work with an accuracy of 10-20%, and not with a margin of 2 budgets, like other developers.

It is easier for you to accept the finished application
First you approve the prototype. When will the application done, you just compare it with the prototype. If a the application exactly matches the prototype, which means that everything is in OK, you can accept. It's much easier than comparing finished application with a 10-page specification document.

3. Analytics and achievement of business goals
We don't just make an app. We want you achieved your business goals.

Therefore, we connect analytics to the application and configure it to see if clients are doing those the actions you want them to take. Analytics will show is there an increase in orders, average check, satisfaction clients.

We accompany you after the launch and contribute to the application the necessary improvements to get you the numbers you need financial indicators.

4. Pay for one app, get two
We work with Flutter technology.

Flutter is a mobile development platform apps created by Google in 2017. Allows use same code for both iOS and Android.

This means that you pay for the development of one application, and you get two - for iPhones, and for Samsung, Huawei, Tecno, Xiaomi, Asus, Google Pixel, OnePlus, Motorola and other androids.

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Done once, works for years
Mobile app development is an investment: you invest once, and then it makes a profit for years.

Then you can add new features to the application, products, loyalty program, and every update improves company performance.

The app has virtually no maintenance costs and cushioning, it just does its job and improves your business metrics.

How development works
You tell what results you want from the launch applications. We clarify the details - about the product, website, funnel sales, CRM, logistics, and everything related to application.
Payback calculation
Together we create a table that will show you how the application will affect the fin. indicators and when it will pay off.

You approve, we send the cost and project plan.
We make a prototype of the application. You look at his possibilities, say what needs to be added/removed/changed. Testing prototype on your clients. After approval, we start application development.
We save your time - everything we can do without you, we do themselves. From you approval of layouts and materials for work applications. We report weekly on progress and we show the results.
The first version is ready. We test in different modes, eliminate flaws and errors. We finalize the application in reverse communications from your employees and customers
We publish two applications in the stores: in the AppStore and Google Play Market. We give recommendations on how to recruit users, showing how to track user activity.
Crash tests
We have been monitoring the application for a month or two, and if something goes not so, promptly eliminate failures and errors. Bringing application until stable operation and we hand over the project to you
Service after development
After launch, we switch to the scheduled maintenance mode:

  • Watching the app update,
  • We measure the performance of the application and prepare for you reports,
  • Promptly finalize applications according to your requests employees
  • We eliminate the detected failures in the application,
  • Suggest ideas for improving the application,
  • We carry out the planned improvement and revision.
Most often, these works take from several hours to several days a month. It makes no sense for you to hire an employee to the state to work with the application, or add these tasks for one of the employees.

We will define a list of tasks for servicing your applications and offer a subscription for a month. So it will be cheaper and better quality.
Development and maintenance cost
All projects are different, so we calculate the cost individually.

  • The average cost of developing a turnkey application is $4 000 - 12 000
  • Development period 4-12 weeks.
  • Maintenance fee is $50 - $200 per month.
Where to start?
Book a free consultation to discuss goals and objectives for the application.
We draw up a project plan and approximate time and cost.
If it suits you, we sign the contract and start the stage research.
Further according to the approved project plan.
Write to us on messenger
Call or email
+38 (067) 783-06-55
Feedback from our clients:
Timur Khudaibergenov founder
The guys suggested how to develop an application for reducing the queues of drivers at our taxi offices.
planning each step and budget.
In 3 months we have been actively implementing the new system.
Peter Voznesensky
Cleaning company director
We have a small cleaning company, we did not know from how to start developing an application with a budget in $5000 but wanted to scale the business.
An iSKY analyst helped us identify the underlying application features and select technology.
Galina Sokolova
CEO of an agro-holding
Everyone says that they are doing well, but few of those who does well. So we have been working with Artem for more than 3 years and we see a constantly growing level. Highly grateful for the stability and for the fact that this The contractor completes what he started.
I recommend!
Other than phones, will the apps work on tablets?
Yes, mobile applications work on tablets, TVs and even watches.
How do you arrange cooperation?
We work only under the official contract. We we conclude a framework agreement, and the details of a specific applications are made in additional agreements. We accept payment to the current account on the account. work we close the acts of acceptance and transfer and the work performed.
I have a budget of 5000 dollars. This is enough to make an application?
Watching what you want. Enough for typical functionality. Let's discuss your tasks.
The management gave me a budget for the application, which need to master, But I don't see how the mobile app improve our business processes.
Even if it seems to you that the processes of your company are not need automation, the mobile application is profitable investment: as customers grow, it reduces expenses for managers and operators. In addition, it immediately puts the company in the category of fashionable, technically advanced and customer friendly. Consumers will appreciate.
Can you create a game application with animation?
Flutter technology does not allow you to make games or use animation. We can perform tasks such as but the terms of such an order are discussed separately. Let's discuss.
Can You create a video streaming application or audio?
We can create applications for such tasks. However they are more complex and require more time and money to development than applications on Flutter, which we are here offer. Let's discuss.
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